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Designer Shoes

The way you dress up cannot change who you are, but it certainly can make you look like someone you want to be. Clothes and shoes play an important role in posing a positive impression on people around you. So, it is essential to invest in clothes and footwear that complement your personality. Men often neglect their wardrobe and wear whatever makes them feel comfortable. If you are also one of them, then it is time to give yourself a makeover. A few strokes of style can make you look picture perfect for sure. So, when you go for shopping next time, try to pick clothes and shoes that make you look suave and stylish.

Shoes are a very important part of your wardrobe and you should buy at least five pairs of designer footwear for various occasions. Your canvas are comfortable for sure, but they make you look like a highschool student. In fact, even high school students have upgraded to better shoes, so why have you still not changed. It is time to buy some new ones that complement your personality. If you do not know about the brands that offer designer shoes, then you can consider searching online. You can buy men’s designers shoes online, and can get a new pair delivered directly at your doorstep. Following are the types that every man must own:

Brown leather brogue – The classic brogue is perfect for almost every occasion. Traditional punch hole design carved on upper part of the silhouette gives a touch of elegance. The rustic brown color adds on to the overall aesthetics, making it a must have for fashion forward men.

Suede loafer – This pair is perfect for casual occasions, but some variants can complement your workwear also. So, do buy a pair of suede loafers to look cool and casual.

Black leather oxford – The sleek and simple leather oxford shoes are a perfect match for formal clothes. Leather lace-up boots – If you are an adventure enthusiast, then this variant is a must have for you. These durable ones are perfect for men, who have ardor for adventure, jungles, and rough countryside.

White leather low top trainer – Your casual shoes wardrobe is incomplete without this variant. Celebrities like Kanye West have made these ones quite popular and you should have at least one pair of white leather low top trainer.