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Indian Dresses

India is a country with 29 states and 7 union territories. Each state in India has its own tradition and culture. India is known for its unity in diversity because in spite of different cultures and traditions, all people live together just like they all are same. People belong to different regions in India wear different kinds of clothes. In north of India, you can find people wearing long suits with salwar and having a scarf on their head. In south India, you can find most of the women wearing traditional type of sarees. Indian dresses enhance the beauty of women. Indian women can be easily identified all over the world because of their dressing style.

Indian dresses are popular across the world. Even the people living abroad also love to dress themselves. Tourists who come to visit India also love Indian dresses. Some popular dresses are given below-
  • Saree- With different wrapping style, saree is worn by women all over India. Saree is a pride for women. Saree reveals the dignity of Indian culture. It is what completes an Indian woman. Sarees come in many different types such as Banarasi, kanjivaram, pochampalli, etc.
  • Salwar-Kameez- The most common Indian costume is salwar-kameez. It represents the modesty and simplicity of Indian women. A dupatta is worn over salwar- kameez. Different types of dupattas are worn by Indian women. You can buy all types of dupattas online.
  • Sherwani- Sherwani is worn by Indian men on special occasions like wedding, anniversary, etc. Indian bridegrooms mostly wear sherwani because it makes them look handsome and stunning. Colorful dupattas are worn over the sherwani. For your sherwani, you can buy dupattas online. Sherwani comes in different designs and colors.
  • Lehenga- The most common bridal outfit in India is Lehenga. Lehenga comes with different patterns and designs. The weight of a bridal lehenga depends on its decoration and design. A lehenga with lot of decoration on it will surely be very heavy and graceful. Lehenga- choli and odhni are worn all together by Indian brides.
  • Kurta Pyjama- Indian men and boys also wear Kurta Pyjama. It is really very comfortable to be worn. Kurta pyjama can be worn occasionally as well as casually. Cotton Kurta Pyjamas are mostly worn by men at night because they give maximum comfort.
  • Dhoti- Most of the villagers in India like to wear Dhoti-kurta. Dhoti Kurta is an outfit for men only. A dhoti can also be worn under a sherwani. During traditional occasions, dhoti is worn by Indian men.

Indian dresses can be simple as well as stylish. It is totally up to you how you wear them. They can be a great fashion statement if you wear them in a stylish way.